Font licensing


When ordering a font, you are given a specified usage rights


• License ownership
• Desktop license
• Web license
• App License
• Motion License
• Server License
• Corporate License


License ownership

Whoever is using the font must have a license.

  • When using fonts to create artwork for your client, only you need a license.
  • When your client uses the font for some office work, they will also need a license.
  • When you buy a license for more than one user, you can share the license with your client.
  • You can also buy a license for your client: add a license owner during the checkout process.

You can find the details about your rights as a licensed user of fonts in specific End User License Agreement (EULA).


Desktop license

You can use fonts in desktop graphics software to design and print documents, static images, logos.

For designers, office use, printers

From 1–5 users

Read full Desktop EULA

  • Logo design
  • Book design
  • Print
  • Editorial
  • Posters
  • Bitmap images

Web license

You can design a website, digital ads using CSS and host your own fonts with no monthly fees.

For web designers, developers

From 10.000 pageviews/month

Read full Web EULA

  • Websites
  • Digital ads

App license

Go beyond the palette of system fonts when developing a smartphone app or e-book.

For app developers, publishers

From 1 app, 1 publication

Read full App EULA

  • Smartphone app
  • Electronic publication

Motion license

You can use font in video streaming, games, feature films, TV broadcasting from title sequence to end credits.

For motion designers, game developers, producers, broadcasters

From 1 title

Read full Motion EULA

  • Video streaming
  • Game
  • Feature films
  • TV broadcasting

Server license

More fonts on your document server. You can use font in automated generation of personalised internal documents and products.

For companies, server use

From 1 server

Read full Server EULA

  • Server installation
  • Continued server use

Corporate license

Expand your brand without limits with combination of Desktop, Webfont, App and Server licenses with no limit on the number of users, products and installations.

For organisations, brands, products

Read full Corporate EULA

Read more about our Custom font service

  • Continued use in design
  • Websites
  • Digital ads
  • Smartphone apps
  • Electronic publications
  • Desktop software
  • Server installation
  • Continued server use
  • Multiple product lines

This table is a simplified summary of the licence types. The full text of each EULA is binding.


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